Welding Inspector Level 2

What is Welding Inspection?

The Welding Inspection training programme provides thorough training and qualification for potential welding inspection personnel who may become involved in the witness, supervision or surveillance of welding inspection activities. It covers theoretical and practical training sessions that link to current industry standards, specifications and codes.

What are the responsibilities of a individual who is certified to Welding Inspection Level 2?

  • Have a basic understanding of welding techniques, welding positions, welding consumables, weld preparation and welding drawing requirements
  • Be able to use welding inspection gauges and other commonly used measuring devices to check pre-weld fit ups and post-weld profiles
  • Be able to visually inspect welded constructions and correctly identify any weld/welding imperfection present
  • Understand the need for specifications, codes and standards and the need for acceptance levels
    Verify that joint preparation and fit-up are in accordance with welding procedure specifications and/or work instructions
  • Basic examination and evaluation of weld sequence
  • Visual inspection of completed welds
  • Possess an understanding of the relationship between quality assurance, quality control and inspection procedures
  • Confirm that welders have been properly qualified in accordance with applicable codes and standards, and that their certification is current and valid for the welding procedures applied
  • Observe the preparation of test pieces and destructive tests, verifying compliance with relevant specifications
  • Verify against specifications the correctness of base/parent material and welding consumables
  • Verify that joint preparation and fit-up are in accordance with specifications
  • Confirm during welding that only specified and accepted welding procedures (approved by the appropriate quality, technical or regulatory authority) are used and applied
  • Examine and evaluate
  • Review NDT reports on welding work for which the Weld Inspection level 2 is responsible
  • Record welding inspection results in a manner such that the welds inspected may subsequently be identified

These courses are run by Ultramag Inspection Services but all examinations are conducted by TWI Training and Examination Services.

Course content

  • Welding processes
  • Consumables
  • Procedures
  • Welding defects
  • Specifications
  • Specification analysis
  • Mechanical testing of welds
  • Cutting and joint preparation
  • Basic steel metallurgy
  • Heat-affected zone
  • Pre-heat and post heat
  • Weld repairs
  • Weld symbols
  • Practical exercises
  • Examination syllabuses
  • Fit-ups

WI Training Courses

5 Days training and 1 day exam.
Duration is 40 hours training

Minimum Training and Work Experience Requirements

The PCN requirements for Welding Inspector Level 2 are: 12 months supervised work experience.
If not gained prior to the exam, then once the 40 hours training have been obtained, the examination passed, and 12 months supervised work experience obtained within 24 months of passing the exam, PCN will issue certification.

Note: The examination may be taken before the work experience is completed; however certificates are not issued until proof of work experience is provided. After passing the examination, a results notice is issued by PCN, you then have 24 months to complete the required work experience.

For employer based schemes the expected amount of work experience should be determined in the written practice.

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